expert intructors - small classes - personal attention


expert intructors small classes personal attention

expert intructors - small classes - personal attention

Physiques offers a wide range of classes that focus on form and quality of movement. Our studio invites a sense of tranquility and focus that allows us to provide quality instruction with greater individual attention than a large group setting.


Classes will be taught entirely on the Pilates Reformer apparatus incorporating classical and contemporary methods that will encourage flexibility, build strength, and create mind-body balance.


All of the elements of our Reformer classes are implemented in Circuit, where various Pilates apparatuses will be used, including but not limited to the Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel, and Chair.


These full-body, cardio-based 30 minute classes are guaranteed to elevate your heart-rate and make you sweat.


By adding rotational movement to suspended body weight training exercises through the use of a pulley system, a new and more intense challenge is introduced. Rotational movement helps gain stability and strengthens the core. It allows you to target individual muscles or an entire muscle group. Changing the position and angle of your body, you can increase or decrease the resistance.